A Detailed Look at Obesity Risks

Heart Disease and Stroke
Extra weight can increase your chances of developing high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol. These two conditions will likely bring about heart disease or stroke. Nevertheless, losing a small amount of weight regularly may reduce an individual’s chance of developing a stroke or heart disease.

If you think you are obese, always strive to lose at least 5-10% of your total weight. Research has proven that losing 5-10 percent of the total body weight can drastically slash your chances of developing a heart disease.

Coronary Heart Disease
As the body mass index upsurges, the risk of developing the coronary heart disease will similarly rise. Coronary heart disease, commonly abbreviated as CHD, refers to a condition whereby a wax substance known as plaque (plak) piles up inside a person’s coronary arteries. These arteries are the ones responsible for supplying oxygen-rich blood into the chambers of the heart.

Plaque narrows down (and can even block) the coronary arteries—reducing the normal blood flow to a patient’s heart muscle. This can ultimately result in angina or a heart attack. Angina refers to the chest or discomfort resulting from obesity risks.

In addition, obesity can lead to heart failure. Heart failure is a very serious condition where a patient’s heart can no longer pump enough blood to counter the body’s demands. It is a serious condition, and if it is not addressed early enough it can eventually cause death due to insufficient blood circulating in the body.

Type 2 Diabetes
This is one of the obesity risks in which a patient’s blood sugar or blood glucose level is way too high. Typically, the human body serves to break down food into glucose. It then carries the resulting glucose to various cells throughout the human body. The cells utilize a certain hormone known as insulin to convert glucose into energy.

On the contrary, due to type 2 diabetes, the body cells do not utilize insulin appropriately. At the initial stages, the human body will react by producing more insulin. However, over time, the body cannot make enough insulin that can regulate its entire blood sugar level. A number of people with type 2 diabetes are generally overweight—and the condition may eventually lead to an early death.

Abnormal Blood Fats
An overweight or obese individual risks having unusual levels of blood fats. Abnormal levels of blood fats include low levels of HDL cholesterol (good) and high levels of triglycerides and LDL—which is “bad” cholesterol. Usually, people who show abnormal levels of the stated blood fats risk developing coronary heart disease, at least at some point in their life.

Sleep Apnea
This is an obstructive sleep apnea in which a patient’s normal breathing is recurrently disrupted during sleep. The condition results when tissues at the back of a patient’s throat fail to keep or maintain the airway open, and the condition is usually associated with obesity.

One of the primary symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring. More than 5 apnea occurrences per hour can cause the following:
– Depression
– Difficulty concentrating
– Learning and memory difficulties
– Chronic daytime sleepiness
– Cardiovascular disease

The treatment for this kind of disease includes the utilization of mechanical ventilation devices to help keep one’s airway open. These devices usually work by delivering bi-level positive airway pressure as well as continuous positive airway pressure. It is a common problem in children and teens.

how to lose weight fast

Fast ways to lose weight

Losing weight could be fun. If you are fighting with excessive weight, there are many ways that help you feel and look better. And most of them are interesting and do not require special abstention from things that you like. Make small changes and enjoy your new shape in front of the mirror.

Consume water

This simple rule can make miracles when it comes to losing weight. Many side products of food are storing in our bodies, especially when you eat fast food and a lot of sweets. Fat particles are traveling through the blood while causing clogs and heart problems. There is one liquid that is essential to the body. It is water, the super star of cleaning toxins away from the metabolism. When you drink water, it gives you the feeling of fullness, so you eat less. Take a glass before each meal and you will notice that you need less food to make you satisfied. Mix lemon juice with a glass of warm water in the morning and your body will react like a well-oiled machine. It increases the energy level and keeps you hydrated after the long night. If you wonder how to lose weight fast, drink at least 7 cups of pure water and your fat will melt.

Be moderate

We do not suggest you to leave your habits of eating pizza or burgers. Keep eating them if that makes you happy. Just be moderate. Limit pizza to one slice per meal or one burger per day. Ingredients in this kind of food are also important. Try to enrich them with a lot of vegetables like fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, onion and olives. These foods contain fibers that improve digesting of wheat and cheese in your favorite food. Divide your eating to more frequent meals with smaller amounts of food instead of eating once or twice in huge quantity. By doing so, you speed up your metabolism that burns fat much faster than usual. The result will be visible for sure.

Take a walk

If your favorite fast food restaurant is close to the place you live, take a refreshing walk with your partner of friend. After a good meal, go back by walking and help your body process calories that you ate. If you like shopping, that could be another fun activity for losing weight. Walking by so many stores will wake up your muscle tissues to work harder and make you slimmer. Now, you know how to lose weight fast. Establish these simple habits and feel better in your skin.